Day hike along the Costa Brava, Spain


Day-hike GR 92 Costa Brava, Spain

If you feel the need for something "different" after your holiday, lying in the sun at the beautiful beach, a day-hike along the many beautiful places along the Costa Brava coast is highly recommended.

We mention and describe here - briefly - one possibility. The walk between Palamós and Cap Roig ( Castella de Palafrugell). There and back, twice seven kilometres.
You will notice: the route there is very different the (same) route back.

Altitude difference: slight ups and downs. The route uses the famous GR92. See also elsewhere on this website.

GR92: the entire coastal route is over 500km long and ends at the mouth of the Ebro-river.

photos: Mirjam

En route:

A beautiful botanical garden from 1927 with a fine castle in Cap Roig.

The botanical garden of Cap Roig is considered one of the best botanical gardens of the Mediterranean. It is divided into several areas that each give you a beautiful view over the sea. The first three areas are all connected by the Escalera de los Cipreses (Cypress Stairs) while the others gradually descend towards the beach.

Walking through the botanical garden is a dreamy experience, especially because of the great variety of plants, trees and flowers from all over the world.

Remains of ancient castles and forts, like Castel de Sant Esteve de Mar and a Roman excavation.
And many hidden coves, water with different shades of blue, emerald green and turquoise.
Where it is great to rest. Or go snorkeling: the water is clear as glass!

Advice: be prepared well. With map or gps.


Below: a short impression of Cala Estreta, along the trail.