Hiking Germany along Lahn river


A walk along the Lahn River, Germany, from Diez to Lahnstein. Four sections, about 60 km.

A signposted walk along the Lahn River, from Diez to Lahnstein. Four sections, about 60 kilometers in total. Sometimes over the left bank, then again along the right bank. Most of the time on height, so you ca enjoy the views of the the little towns, the river and the plateaus of the Taunus  and the Westerwalds.
Getting there: easy to come in by the highways to Koblenz. Or you take the train to Koblenz and from here the local train to Diez (about 30 min). Or a flight to Bonn,1 bus, two trains and there you are....
Accommodation: hotels or Zimmer Frei along the trail. You’ll find enough of them. Or you make a reservation for an arrangement for the accommodation and the luggage transport. See: Touristiek im Nassauerland.
Maps:Topographische Wanderkarte Naturpark Nassau, Blatt 3 (Ost) and Blatt 1 (West), 1:25.000. A very good map.
Indication of height: up to 360m

March 2015: four sections of the Lahn River trail, excellent waymarked, only by forest paths, country roads with permanent views at the river, the highlands, the little cities. Between Diez and Lahnstein a local train runs, every half hour.
For those who want to do the trail by bike…...a bike path along the river connect Diez and Lahnstein. It's allowed to take the bike with you on the train.

Day 1: Diez - Laurenburg                                             17 km
Day 2: Laurenburg - Weinähr                                     13 km
Day 3: Weinähr - Nassau- Bad Ems                           16 km
Day 4: Bad Ems - Lahnstein                                        17 km

On trail: Germany counts over 200 long distance hiking trails, all waymarked and well documented..
Like this trail: a very well and carefully signposted trail with alternating views of the river, the little towns and the highlands.

By farmlands, deciduous forest and vineyards. Fortresses, castles and fortified buildings. Such as the castle of the ancestors of the Dutch House of Orange, the current Royal Family of the Netherlands. In Nassau, day 3.
A lot of possibilities for good food, beer and accommodation, such as the Gasthof zum Lahntal in Laurenberg, day 1.
Going up, going down, the whole day, but not very high. Highest point on trail is Kuxlay, day 3, just before Dasenau.

The city of Bad Ems, a health resort with Grand Hotels, a casino and thermal baths, is a strange experience when you are walking the trail…..

And at the end, just before Lahnstein, you can see the river Rhine, laying on a “bed” on a viewpoint…...

Before you reach the Rhine, you can walk through the impressive "Ruppertsklamm". Over the past centuris a small stream has cut an impressive groove in the slate- and sandstone.
During the walk of the Rheinsteig you will have to do more of these kinds of "climbs".

It is said that Poet Fürst (Dichterfürst) Goethe said in 1815 that the views of the Lahn are among the most beautiful. Just so you know. Nur wo Du zu Fuß warst, bist Du auch wirklich gewesen.

By the way: the fact that wine-growing is rather small in this area is also attributed to Goethe, who was more in favour of water(s).This made the waters of Fachingen and Seiters world famous. It is said......... it is said........

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Below a short video about the Ruppertsklamm. Then you are almost at the Rhine and at the end of the hike.