Hiking Portugal Rota Vicentina


Five sections of this famous trail: Rota Vicentina

Five sections of this famous trail along the (west) coast of Portugal: the fishermen's trail. In the Alentejo and Algarve region. A track along the cliffs in a wild and powerful landscape. Following the trails used by locals to get to the beaches or their spots for fishing. Breathtaking views in delicious spring temperatures.
Getting there: a flight to Lisbon, the bus to the bus terminal Sete Rios and from here the bus (operated by Rede Expressos) to Cercal (about 3 hrs), where we started our trail.
Map: The trail is very well marked. The first section we walked is a GR (Historical Way, red-white), after Porto Covo the Fishermens's trail (blue-green). Map name: mapa Rota Vicentina, Scale 1:55.000, Centro de informaqäo Geospacial do Exército.
Accommodation: We made use of the services of Pelgrimsroute.nl (only in Dutch). Spending the nights in hotels and/or old country houses. 
In the villages you also can book rooms, hotels, or "B&B's".
Indication of height: the GR runs through a hilly landscape, easy. The trail along the coast is rather heavy sometimes, because of the sandy trails in the dunes....
The height differences are small.

April 2017: Five sections of the Rota Vicentina, Portugal, along the coast.

Day 1 : Cercal - Porto Covo............................18 km
Day 2 : Porto Covo - Milfontes.......................20 km
Day 3 : Milfontes - Almograve.......................18 km
Day 4 : Almograve - Zambujera do Mar.......22 km
Day 5 : Zambujera do Mar - Odexeice.........19 km

And from Odexeice the direct bus to Lisboa, about 4,5 hrs.

On trail:rarely did a tour like this: you'll stay the whole day fascinated by the surroundings! A great trail! In spring an explosion of flowers, with in the background the deep blue ocean. The diversity of the beaches, magnificent rocks, overwhelming views.....the swifts....
Small streams springs fed from the hilly interior through a network of underground channels.
Villages in the colors white and blue where you can eat excellent fresh seafood and fish.
The sandy trail sections can be heavy to walk.
De first section (the GR Historical Way ) runs through Eucalyptus forests, meadows and orchards. A dry area....cork oaks.
Ideal to travel in Spring or Autumn.
One of our best walks ever!

The trail ends in Cabo S. Vicente, in Portugal south west. Here also ends the Via Algarviana, the long distance trail through the countryside of the Algarve: the GR 13. So, if you have time..

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Below a cinematic impression of this dramatic trail: