Czech Republic

A five-day walk in the south of Bohemia, Czech Republic

Getting there: South Bohemia is easy to get to by the highways of the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Or a flight to Prague and by public transport to the start (180km’s). Arriving there you will find a region full of old cities and a splendid, protected nature. You can start and end your trail in one of those old cities. We started at Cesky Krumlov. The old town is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Maps: Like everywhere in the Czech Republic you easy can buy walking maps in kiosks and shops. The maps are the maps are very accurate, the routes are shown in colors and the marks on the way - horizontal stripes in various colors- very well maintained. 
Accommodation: We mostly slept (and ate) in private pensions: you’ll find plenty of them.

Easter  1992: a round-walk in a part of southern Bohemia, especially through the surroundings of the beautiful city of Cesky Krumlov. With a little site-step to Bavaria in Germany and a short walk in Austria.
Height on trail: 600-1085-1360 m.

Day1: Cesky Krumlov - Brloh, crossing Klet mountain (1085m.)
Day2: Brloh - Volary
Day3: Volary - Haidmühle (Germany)
Day4: Haidmühle - Horni Plana: (a short walk in Austria, 1360 m.)
Day5: Horni Plana - Cesky Krumlov (first kilometers by train)  

Distance between the sections: about 20 km.

On trail: on height a lot of snow at Easter, but very fine views; at lake Lipno, for instance. The run  to the mountains leads you through almost virginal nature. Now and then a village where time seemed to be standing still.
Haidmühle (Germany) has a train-connection to Cesky Krumlov and Volary.
A place to be, to sleep and to eat, after a day walking is: the pension of the Kuklov family , Brloh 38206, Tel.++33787160. We don’t now at this time (2018) if those people are still open or not. Just try it.

Click here for a report of our walk in Bohemia  south west (Sumava)


Below a short, sometimes photoshopped video about Cesky Krumlov: