Czech Republic

A four day circular walk in the north-east of the Czech Republic

Getting there: This part of the country is easy to ignore in the increasing possibilities of walking and hiking in the northern part of the Czech Republic. But, it offers almost everything a walker likes. The area is easy to get to by the highways of Germany, through Dresden, Zittau en traveling eastward to Trutnov. We started our hike at Broumov. Or a flight to Wrocklav, Poland and 70 km.’s by public transport (international train).
Maps: Good walking maps, like everywhere in the Czech Republic, can be bought at shops and kiosks. Or: the map 425 Broumovsko, Adršpach - Shocart.
Accommodation: It’s no problem to find a place to sleep and eat. B&B’s, “Zimmer frei”, hotel, private pensions.

Easter 2001: a circular walk through the fascinating nature in the borderland between the Czech Republic and Poland, between Adrspach, Broumov and Mieroszow. Highlights are perhaps the marvelous and strange mass of rocks you come through: the Rock Town Loop. The walkway in Poland shows you a farmer-landscape before the European Common Market period……..
Height on trail: 600-800m.

Day 1: Broumov - Police nad Metuji
Day 2: Police nad Metuji - Teplice nad Metuji*
Day 3: Teplice nad Metuji - Mieroszow (P) - Mezimesti **
Day 4: Mezimesti - Broumov

Distance of the sections: about 20 km.

*   a marked route leads you through the mass of rocks.
    2019: the Rock Town loop is pretty commercialized: fast food, tickets, buses and buses, a lot of noise. But
    there are still good alternatives 
** between Mieroszow (P) - Mezimesti  you can take the train.

On trail: a varied area, mountainous, alternating forest and large open spaces, quiet idyllic villages. In Poland beautiful wooden farmyards.
The train between Mieroszow and Mezimesti is a special experience.
West of the town of Mieroszow (P) you'll find another rock formation: the Czartowskie Skały.

People say that the Orient Express ran between Mieroszow (P) - Mezimesti. We don't know if this is true....but
because of the enviroment it's possible. Mr Poirot...

The hill trail day 2 is surrounded by sandstone formations, some of which 40 metres high, reaching total height of nearly 700 metres.

Below an impresion of the the Rock Town Loop: