A self-made hiking-trail in central Jutland near Horsens, Denmark

Getting there: Denmark is easy to come in by the highways of the Netherlands and Germany, from the south. The nearest airport is Aarhus.
Accommodation: plenty, such as excellent youth hostels, B&B’s, hotels, “Zimmer frei”. 
Maps: we used detailed road maps. We couldn't find walking maps covering the whole area. Impression that trails are maintained by local communities and tourist offices. Or, perhaps, this one: walking guide Denmark-Jutland, Rother Wanderfuhrer (9783763343522)?.
So, we made our own trail, using as much as possible foot-paths, tracks, little green roads, along canals and the borders of farmland. Sometimes through arable lands, meadows, forests and a lot of clay soil (with every step you rise a couple of centimeters).

Easter 1988: a trail in central Jutland near Horsens, made by ourselves, prepared after breakfast, no way-marked route, but a great thing to do!
Height: until 147 meters, the Himmelbjerget.

Distance between the stage cities: about 20-25 km.

Day 1: Horsens  -  Skanderborg
Dag 2: Skanderborg  -  Ry
Day 3: Ry  -  Bryrup
Day 4: Bryrup  -  Silkeborg
Day 5: Silkeborg  -  Engesvan

And by train to Horsens.


On trail: a mostly even and wide scenery, farm-land, meadows, cows, arable lands, some lakes, a lot of ditches, a few hills, the name Bjerget for a pimple of 142 metes. The lake district between Skanderborg and Silkeborg is very beautiful. From Himmelbjerget you can see the lakes.

We call this trail: an agro tour....(ism)


For a short film about the Himmelbjerget: