A loop walk through the National Park Exmoor, England

A loop walk through the Exmoor National Park in South-West England. Partly along the South West Coast Path, partly along the Two Moors Way. A well marked walk-way through an unique landscape of moors, hills, wood, valleys and farmland.
Getting there: a flight to Bristol, the bus to the train station, the train to Taunton, the bus to Minehead, and finally the bus to Porlock, where we started our hike. You also can fly to Exeter.
Maps: de OL9 , Ordnance Survey, scale 1:25.000.
Accommodation: B&B’s all the time, guesthouses, hotels or camping sites. The B&B will help you to make a reservation for the next night.
August 2011: five day-hikes through an unique and varied landscape of moorland, wood, rivers, mires, in August the flowering fields, and the fascinating cliffs at the coast.
Height: from sea-level until 519 m. ( day 5, Dunkery Hill).

Day 1: Porlock - Brendon (18 km.)
           (partly along the SW Coast Path)

Day 2: Brendon - Lynton (13 km.)
            (also by the East Lyn Riverside path)

Day 3: Lynton - Simonsbath (22 km.)
            (most of the time the Two Moors Way)

Day 4: Simonsbath - Exford (18 km.)
            (partly the Two Moors Way)

Day 5: Exford - Porlock (18 km.)
            (across Dunkery Hill)

On trail:  the great views at the coast, the endless and mysterious purple heath lands in August, mires and flowering river banks, waterfalls, the church of Countisbury, the East Lyn Riverside with an abundance of wildlife and - of course - the scones with clotted cream in the tea gardens………
On the other side of the bay: Wales.

Below a short video about the region where we walked: