A five-days self-made trail between the Nuoro region and Orosei, Sardinia, Italy

Getting there: a low-cost airline flight from Cologne (Germany) to Cagliari (you also can fly to Olbia), the afternoon-bus from Cagliari-airport to Nuoro (2 hours) and with luck you can buy your walking maps before closing time of the library. You will need a map, don’t do it without good maps!
Accommodation: Hotels in the bigger cities and plenty of so called agriturismo’s at the countryside: eat, drink and sleep at the farmhouse.
Maps: we bought the Carta Topografica d’Italia, scale 1:50.000 by IGM. Sometimes outdated, but useful. You will not find many marked routes on the island (where we walked), so use a map!

Easter 2007: a five-day trail. In April nature is green and temperatures tolerable. In summer temperatures can be very high ( 40° or more), too hot to walk. Through mountain-scenery, valleys and along a part of the magnificent east-coast. Using foot-paths, little roads, green roads, cart-ruts, no-roads and asphalt roads. To admire the towering mountain peaks, the bizarre cliff formations, the caves, the unspoiled nature. Walking at Sardinia is “ do it yourself”, a surprise, fences, no trespassing, private property, good-luck! ( “a headache file”).Quite a difference with another island: Corsica. See else on this site.

Day 1: Nuoro - Oliena
Day 2: Oliena - Dolgali ( last kilometers by bus)
Day 3: Dorgali - Grotta del Bue Marino v.v.*
Day 4: Dorgali - Galtelli
Day 5: Galtelli - Orosei

And a coast-walk near San Teodoro.

From Olbia-airport to Cologne.

*from Cala Ganone to Cala di Luna you can follow a trail with permanent excellent Mediterranean  views and possibilities to visit all kind of caves.

On trail: Seas of flowers, cactus, cork-oaks. The remains of the former inhabitants, the Nuraghe,  a people that disappeared at the time of rise of the Roman Empire. Their buildings could compete with the castles from the Middle Ages.
The Domus de Janas, between Dolgali and Galteti, the S.Pietro at Galteti. The Porceddu, sucking pigs roasted at the open fire, with Easter. 
And all the time those magnificent mountain and sea views, the romantic coast, the rough and unspoiled nature. So, our advice to the tourist industry at Sardinia: mark the paths between all those splendid situated agriturismo’s. And create path's where necessary. And the walkers and hikers will come in, from all of the world.
Like the French neighbors do: Corsica.