Three hiking sections of the Vechtdalpad, along the Vecht river in Overijssel, the Netherlands

The Vecht river rises in Germany and is from there to the mouth in the IJsselmeer ( the Netherlands) 120 km long. Total length of the way marked route is about 60 km.: from the border to the mouth. The river used to be very wild. The consequences are still visible in the landscapes: i.a. dunes and rare flora.
Getting there: the trail starts at the railwaystation of the hanseatic city of Zwolle. You can still sense the rich history of this city. From Amsterdam (airport Schiphol) it's about 2 hrs by direct train.
Accommodation: hotels or B&B's.
Maps: we used a guidebook: " het Vechtdalpad, LAW, publisher VVV Overijssels Vechtdal, ISBN909011123-98". With topographical maps of the stages. As said: the route is very well marked.

Summer 2018: three sections of het Vechtdalpad.

day 1: Zwolle - Dalfsen....22 km.
day 2: Dalfsen - Ommen....14 km.
day 3: Ommen - Marienberg....17 km.

and by train from Marienberg back to Zwolle ( 23 min.) - Amsterdam.

On trail: a nice walking tour through a historic region. During the creation of the nation of the Netherlands - 1568 -- 1648 - a lot of fighting between the "staatsen" and the Spanish took place here. Nowadays the river is popular with boat- and nature lovers. On trail you'll come through a couple of nice villages, in old Dutch style, a lot of mansions, a castle (Rechteren castle Dalfsen), windmills and authentic farms. Special birds in this river landscape.
Because of the accretion during centuries a rare flora has arisen on the banks of the river.
Or walk through the sand drifts near Ommen, called the Sahara....

All along the trail a train is running.