hiking trails: a part of the GR 65: crossing the Pyrenees

Getting there: it’s (from Holland) quite a drive to our destination and a lot of euros for the French highways. We walked a part of the Grande Randonnée 65, the Pyrenees-cross, through the Spanish and France Basque Country, also known as the Chemin de St.Jacques, the Camino, St. Jacob’s way, the pilgrim-route from and to Santiago de Compostela …...….The route is, especially in the Spanish part, well marked, including all the pilgrim-symptoms and curiosities.
Maps: We had a pilgrim guide and a GR65 map, IGN. Walking guide:  Camino de Santiago | John Brierly (9781844095896), St. Jean - Roncesvalles - Santiago de Compostela.
Accommodation: Plenty, with and without the pilgrims, at the farm, a Gite d’ étappe, a castle, the hotel, the Gites ruraux, whatever you want (to pay) .

Height: 120 tot 1456 m.

Easter 2005: a part of the GR65, the Pyrenees cross.

Day 1: Larrasoaina (Sp) - Roncesvalles(Sp)..27 km.
Day 2: Roncesvalles (Sp) - St.Jean Pied de Port (Fr)..26,km.
Day 3: St.Jean Pied de Port - Ostabat...19 km.
Day 4: Ostabat - Lichos...22 km.
Day 5: Lichos - Navarrenx...13 km.

On trail: At Easter melting snow in the mountains on height, fine Basque villages, the Roncevalles monasteries, splendid panoramas, the eagles, the old town center of  St.Jean Pied de Port, the hills near Ostabat, the castle in Navarrenx and - still going down - green meadows, sheep, farmsteads…..

Mind the pizza-hut in St. Jean Pied de Port. Terrible!