Six sections of a walk in the Parc Regional du Morvan, France

Getting there: The National Park of Morvan ( Parc Régional du Morvan) , the heart of Burgundy, is easy to get in by car. You will find here a nice and imposing landscape, friendly, hilling and beautiful perspectives. A rich flora, like anemones and orchids. Or the fauna: foxes, deer and martens. 
And a lot of way-marked routes, including Grande Randonnées( GR13). Or le Tour du Morvan (220 km.), a GRP - Grande Randonnées de Pays.
Accommodation: Plenty: hotels, pensions, Gites d’étappe, chambre d’hôtes, Gites ruraux, at the farm, at a castle, whatever you want.
Maps: You easy can buy maps in the cities and villages in the Park. We used IGN 2825 OT and IGN 2723 ET, Carte Randonnée. The trails are well marked.

Easter1989: a (kind of) round walk in the heart of the Morvan.
Height: 200-630 m.

Distance between the stages: 25-30 km.

Day 1: Marigny l’eglise - Ouroux (via Brassy)..23 km. 
Day 2: Ouroux - Planchez
Day 3: Planchez - Arleuf
Day 4: Arleuf - St.Prix...22 km. 
Day 5: St.Prix - (near) Anost
Day 6: Anost - Moux...24 km.

On trail: walking in an open, panoramic, landscape, sometimes through woods, passing authentic villages, lakes, brooklets, imposing rock formations - and Mount Genièvre (630 m.).
The Morvan is scarcely populated, the "cozy" villages are modest in size. Don't expect imposing architecture.

The Park is a region of tradition and history; visit one of the many little museums in the villages.

The Park is blessed with 1500 km of signposted walking routes.
A lot of rain can fall in the Morvan, so if you like the sun go more south. But for walkers the Morvan is inviting!

And, as we are in Burgundy: la gastronomie!!!! Peut-être le râpée morvandelle?