Hiking, from coast to coast, from east to west (mare a mare sud) Corsica (Corse), France

Getting there: A low cost airlines flight to Marseille, the bus to town center, half an hour walking to the harbour, and with the night ferry (12 hours) to Ajaccio. 45 minutes after arrival of the ferry - so, next day - there is a bus going to the other site of the island, to Porto Vecchio and it’s here the way-marked route “ Mare a Mare Sud “ begins. From coast to coast, from sea to sea. You also can fly directly to the island (Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi).
The route is of an unique beauty and well signposted (orange stripes).The route is rarely flat, most of the time rolling stones as underfoot; 
Maps: La Carte Touristique Locale nr.74 , scale 1:100.000. There must be better maps...
Accommodation: Some Gîtes d’étappe are closed until April, but with a little improvisation you find a place to sleep and eat. The local supermarket or the postman can you inform also. The service in France is getting less....
In early spring we walked in very nice temperatures; while walking on the beach, lying under palm trees, you can see the snow in the mountains where the GR20 runs.

March 2003: from coast to coast, from east to west, on Corsica..
Height: from sea level - 1068m.

Distance between the stage cities: about 15 - 18 km.

Day 1: Porto Vecchio (140 m.) - Cartalavone (1020)
Day 2: Cartalavone - Levie (610 m.)
Day 3: Levie - Jellicu (or: Jalicu)
Day 4: Jellicu - Ste Lucie de Tallano ( 450 m.)
Day 5: Ste Lucie de Tallano - Burgo (190 m.)
            And the bus to Ajaccio.

On trail: Napoleon (1769 Ajaccio - 1821†St.Helena) was born on Corsica. Can't miss him.
And, of course: pigs, pigs and more pigs….rivers with melting water, hidden villages, the famous maquis, the views at the snow on tops of the mountains, flowers everywhere, archaeological remains of former residents, there is so much to see…….In Jellicu resides Pierot, horse-breeder and swineherd, high in the mountains, owner of a Gîte d’étappe, a remarkable and fascinating man. 
In fact Corsica is a large rock that rises above the sea. Rugged, mountainous, ever changing landscapes.
Corsica is also called Ile de Beauté. After walking there you know why.

We advise you to prepare well in advance.( f.i. the accommodation).

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Below a video filmed with a drone of the Ile de Beauté